divorce mediation

An Uncontested & Agreeable Divorce  

Divorce Mediation and Document Preparation included & provided by a third party paralegal.


Make your divorce as Easy, Painless, and Agreeable as possible. Tye Bourdony is a Divorce Mediator who specializes in Uncontested Divorces for parties who get through this difficult process the best way possible.


By working together and coming to mutual agreement with an experienced and proven mediator. Tye can help you ease your heartache and stress, conserve your resources, protect your children, and move forward towards an uncontested divorce.


Divorce is a major life transition that can affect every aspect of your life. However, divorce does not have to destroy you.

The Mediation Center of Central Florida's mission is to make your divorce as easy, painless, and friendly as possible with a focus on an Uncontested and Agreeable Divorce process.


Our unique mediation model encourages dialogue in a safe, neutral and professional setting so a couple can ease their heartache and stress, by working together toward final judgment or agreeable modification in your important family case.

friendly divorce mediator

One-Stop Divorce


In addition to divorce mediation, The Mediation Center offers divorce document preparation services so you can have a one-stop divorce experience. While most couples go through this process without attorneys, some couples will use attorneys and financial experts as consultants.


Either way, your Friendly Divorce Mediator will assist you so that you can file the necessary forms with the court and end up in front of a Judge for an uncontested divorce.

the divorce challenge

The Divorce Challenge


Divorce is often one of life’s most difficult challenges. Even if you are the initiator of the divorce, the “loss” of a marriage can impact you socially, financially, psychologically, physically, and legally. If you have minor or adult children, the emotional impact is magnified as your role as parent is redefined and the logistics of day to day childcare are restructured. If divorce has come as a surprise you may find yourself feeling overwhelmed and drained as you are forced to make major life decisions during an emotionally charged time.

divorce mediator

An Uncontested & Agreeable Divorce Mediator


Let Tye be your Uncontested and Agreeable Divorce Mediator. Tye understands both the legal and emotional aspects of divorce and will act as a guide, helping you navigate the often confusing divorce process. In this atmosphere of mutual respect and dignity you will be able to discuss issues such as parenting, parental responsibility, decision making, timesharing with minor children, division of your assets and debts, child support, and alimony, along with all other related issues, such as a modification within your divorce. 


The Mediation Center of Central Florida can take care of all of your uncontested divorce and modification needs throughout Central Florida and most areas of Florida.


If you have any questions please call Tye at 865-387-7269